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Learn Self Hypnosis for Relaxation, Health, Healing, and Transformation.

In order to go into a hypnotic state one must follow the instructions of a therapist or guide. If you do not follow the instructions nothing will happen. From this viewpoint all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

It is not practical or desirable for the majority of people to see a therapist over a long period of time. The ability to use self hypnosis is the most valuable tool you could receive from your hypnotherapist. It is a tool that will last a lifetime and can be used in all kinds of situations for all kinds of reasons.

The training is over 3 sessions and by the end of the third session you will have been taught how to go in and out of trance with ease and use this wonderful tool to help you to relax, focus and achieve your goals.

If you are seeing the hypnotherapist for another reason apart from learning self hypnosis. The training will normally be incorporated into your treatment with only one session completely dedicated to self hypnosis training being necessary.

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