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Thank you Darren Marks for being committed and caring and excellent at what you do


Before I started to work with Darren Marks I wanted to get help with elevating my peak performance skills. In the middle of a pandemic, lots of stress, and uncertainty left me unfocused and feeling like there was way too much to do than I could manage. Scheduling with his secretary Lorna, was simple with a quick response time turnaround. I didn’t quite know what to expect with the sessions, so with an open mind, I was surprised at how quickly Darren put me at ease, explained hypnosis and the scientific basis for it. You know how someone says let’s look at how your past affects your behavior now? Having done a lot of work on myself… I didn’t think there was anything there. Boy was I surprised. I felt at ease right away and was shocked at how deep the sessions were. They brought up memories from my past that were, affecting my behavior now, however there was no pain or discomfort or grief in the process. Only relief and letting go. And in the end a lightness of being. I feel calmer… More focused… Less agitated by things that are happening around me. A sense of ease is perhaps the biggest thing I was able to take away from our sessions. I’m a high functioning, multi-tasking American. And, being able to get perspective so quickly and have ease in the midst of everything going on around me… Has been wonderful. I am in fact recommending a dear friend to Mr. Marks… And am expecting her to find similar success. Thank you Darren Marks for being committed and caring and excellent at what you do. Oh by the way… The app is fantastic. Thank you.

P. Charlie Reid