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Thanks again Darren!


Seeing Darren Marks has been quite an exceptional experience for me. I have suffered from insomnia for about a year due to noisy neighbours. My insomnia was getting progressively worse as my annoyance increased. By the time I saw Darren I was desperate. I saw Darren first for an intro session and then a subsequent two hour session after which I have slept better than I have in years. What was so remarkable is how much other areas of my life have also been positively affected. Mark’s specialised NLP technique focuses on you rather than the problem. This means that so many other areas of my life that were causing me problems have also been alleviated. I was harbouring a number of false limiting beliefs about myself that were getting in my way. I’ve also used a couple of Darren’s apps which are really helpful and super relaxing. I cannot thank Darren enough for his help and I’m so impressed with how he’s managed to help me in such a short space of time. Well worth every single penny. Thanks again Darren!

Jenny Ritchie