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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Programme

In 1992, the magazine New Scientist decided to check the claims made by hypnotherapists and conducted a now famous large scale study. All the well known stop smoking methods were compared.

It was found that hypnotherapy was the most effective method.

Hypnosis is a relaxing and empowering experience and NHS Trust registered hypnotherapist Darren Marks uses the most up to date and effective techniques and a straightforward approach which has been developed and fine tuned through many years in Practice.

He helps people to quit smoking over two or three sessions which last approximately 1 hr each or a single session which can last up to 2 hrs. Darren’s stop smoking work has been featured in magazines including
I came out of Hypnosis feeling sleepy but clear-headed – entirely free, both of the anxiety that had pervaded the last three or four days, and of any but the most distant desire to have a cigarette. And the feeling continued through working days, visits to pubs and restaurants. I wasn’t smoking and I didn’t mind a bit.....
Jane Feinmann

Hypnotherapy can only work if you have full confidence in both the process and the practitioner, which is one of the reasons why the Darren Marks, Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Programme is so successful.

The first part of the process is designed to build that trust, confidence and experience and to help you prepare to stop smoking on a practical as well as psychological level.

If you decide to split the sessions you stop smoking at the second session which can be a couple of days later or one week later, the timing is up to you.

We have a very high success rate with a large number of clients being referred to us by ex-smokers.

If you are really determined to stop, the Darren Marks Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Programme will make it much easier and includes a free digitally mastered hypnotherapy recording for you to take home. Most ex-smokers will have their money back in a matter of weeks through not smoking.

It feels wonderful to be free from cigarettes and hypnotherapy is your 100% safe and drug free way to achieve that freedom.

Of course individual experiences and issues vary and you can read many more independent reviews on a wide variety of subjects here: but hypnotherapy and hypnosis are undoubtedly powerful tools for stopping smoking and bringing out the best in yourself.

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