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Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Phobias, by their very nature, often appear irrational and unfounded. However, the fear of flying, while grounded in real concerns, can significantly hinder your life. Understanding this fear and exploring the transformative power of hypnotherapy is a vital step toward a solution. With award-winning hypnotherapy by Darren Marks and the convenient Harmony Hypnosis app, you can regain control over your fear of flying, anytime and anywhere, with hypnotherapy for fear of flying.

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Understanding your fear of flying 

Fear is an inherent aspect of the human experience, affecting most, if not all of us, even into adulthood. 

While some fears are more intuitively understandable than others, our grasp of fear’s nature remains far from crystal clear. Let’s delve into the definition and underlying causes of the fear of flying…

What is the fear of flying? 

Unsurprisingly, fear of flying is extremely common, afflicting roughly 10% of the population. Simply put, a fear of flying means you are frightened to be on a plane or other flying vehicle in the air. There are differing levels to the fear of flying, which goes by a few names, including aviophobia, aerophobia, flight phobia, or flying anxiety.

Sometimes, anti-anxiety medication is sufficient to manage the problem, but hypnosis for fear of flying is also an effective treatment, often with remarkable results. 

The intensity of this fear can sometimes be so debilitating that it prevents individuals from flying altogether, creating significant obstacles in their lives – but what is the root cause of this fear? 

What causes the fear of flying? 

The causes of the fear of flying are multifaceted and not easily attributed to a single source. It may not be the flight itself that triggers the fear, but rather the confined spaces of an aircraft, leading to claustrophobia. In other cases, this fear might be a symptom of a broader issue, such as a generalised anxiety disorder. While flying does indeed pose real dangers, aviation disasters are exceptionally rare when considering the sheer number of daily flights worldwide. However, this rational perspective often does little to alleviate the minds of those grappling with the fear of flying, as phobias are inherently irrational and intensely real for those affected.

The fear of flying can also be exacerbated by exposure to news events involving aviation disasters, although such instances are infrequent. In most cases, there is no single, identifiable cause or event that can be pinpointed as the origin of this phobia. While several factors can heighten the fear, it is unusual for a single factor to be the exclusive cause.

More important than understanding the causes of the fear of flying is knowing if and how you can overcome it.

Can you overcome the fear of flying? 

Overcoming the fear of flying is entirely possible, and one of the most effective methods is through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy for fear of flying can take various forms, such as self-hypnosis which can be practised anywhere, or booking an in-person session with an experienced hypnotherapist. 

Darren Marks is an award-winning hypnotherapist based in London. You can book a live session with Darren at his London office or try self-hypnosis with Darren’s voice through the Harmony Hypnosis app.

Both approaches are highly effective in treating the fear of flying, and the choice between them often depends on personal preferences. Hypnotherapy can guide you in working through your phobia, enabling you to confront and manage it, ultimately liberating you from the constraints of your fear.

With that said, hypnotherapy for the fear of flying is not always a quick fix, and the number of sessions required can vary. It’s a valuable tool for addressing your fears and identifying their triggers. While a single hypnotherapy session can yield significant benefits, the exact number of sessions and the speed of your progress depends on your unique situation and the severity of your phobia.

Typically, Darren sees people for about 3 to 4 sessions, but the exact number may be more or less depending on individual needs. The initial session typically lasts approximately 50 minutes, allowing you to delve into the basics of your fear and lay the groundwork for the therapy. The second session is often a double appointment, lasting one hour and forty minutes, allowing for a more in-depth exploration of your fear and its triggers. Subsequent follow-up sessions are usually around 50 minutes, providing an opportunity to continue working through your phobia and its underlying causes. Below are a couple of Darren Marks’s many client testimonials for hypnotherapy for fear of flying:

“I must admit when I read a testimonial on Darren’s website about the person who enjoyed their flight having got over a fear of flying through hypnotherapy there was a little thought at the back of my mind saying ‘there is no way that person was ever as scared as I am…’. The last time I had got on an aeroplane I suffered a panic attack so bad I collapsed and had to be taken off the aircraft.

However here I am just over a month later having got on a plane and flown to Edinburgh (and back!) for the first time in eight years.

My friends and family literally cried with happiness that I have done this and a huge cloud has been lifted from my life.

The flights went well, I was relaxed and only had a little wave of nerves which is amazing seeing as before I started hypnotherapy I would have a panic attack just thinking about a plane!
I can’t thank Darren enough, he was so incredibly understanding and professional. My relaxation techniques have helped me in other areas of my life too, I feel so positive and confident and most importantly I’m ready for my next flight!” Charlie Martin

“I sought help from Darren Marks for my fear of flying/heights and general self-confidence issues after a family member had recommended him to me. I must say I am really amazed and extremely happy with the results of the hypnotherapy. I felt immediately more confident & relaxed even after my first session with Darren. The hypnotherapy has had an extremely positive and beneficial effect on my life. For example: after only a few sessions with Darren’s expert help I was able to overcome my fear of heights and took my first trip on the London eye – something I had never managed to do previously and wouldn’t even have attempted! I found Darren to be extremely good at explaining the treatment and I felt completely at ease during my hypnotherapy visits. When I left each session I would go home feeling relaxed and recharged. The sessions were excellent value for money and my only regret is that I hadn’t gone to him years ago(! ). I would highly recommend Darren to anyone who is thinking about trying hypnotherapy for any reason – he has worked wonders for me.” M Clough

Hypnotherapy for flying phobias 

Fears, in general, remain somewhat enigmatic in comparison to other health issues and disorders. Common treatments for fear-related conditions are still far from perfect, however, hypnotherapy for fear of flying stands out as an effective solution. It can guide you in uncovering the root causes of your fear, whether they are specific to flying or stem from more generalised anxieties. The ultimate goal is to enhance your comfort when flying, ensuring that this fear no longer holds you back from visiting loved ones overseas or enjoying your holidays.

Don’t let the fear of flying hold you back any longer: hear Darren’s voice or book a live session to take the first step toward conquering your flying fear with hypnotherapy.