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Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy for Smoking: A Breath of Fresh Air in Quitting Smoking


Have you ever considered hypnotherapy for smoking? Smoking, a tough habit to break, often requires more than just willpower. For those seeking a smoke-free life, hypnotherapy to quit smoking presents a promising path. This article delves into the world of quit smoking hypnotherapy, exploring its efficacy and how it can be the key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding Hypnotherapy for Smoking


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy 

that uses guided relaxation and intense concentration to achieve a heightened state of awareness, often referred to as a trance. During hypnotherapy stop smoking sessions, the hypnotherapist guides the individual into this relaxed state and then suggests ways to achieve specific goals, like quitting smoking.

hypnotherapy for smoking

How Does Hypnotherapy Work for Smoking Cessation?

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking works by altering the smoker’s subconscious attitudes towards smoking. A hypnotist to quit smoking helps in embedding the idea that smoking is unattractive and unnecessary. Unlike other methods, hypnotherapy quit smoking approaches focus on the psychological aspect, addressing the root causes of why an individual smokes.

Darren Marks helps people to quit smoking over one to three sessions, for more information please contact Darren’s stop smoking work has been featured in magazines including Medicine Today (below) 

I came out of Hypnosis feeling sleepy but clear-headed – entirely free, both of the anxiety that had pervaded the last three or four days, and of any but the most distant desire to have a cigarette. And the feeling continued through working days, visits to pubs and restaurants. I wasn’t smoking and I didn’t mind a bit.....
Jane Feinmann

Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in Smoking Cessation

Numerous studies and statistical data support the effectiveness of stop smoking hypnosis. According to a study published in the “Journal of Applied Psychology,” hypnosis for smoking cessation has a higher success rate compared to other methods. 

Personal Success Stories

Many individuals have found success with hypnotherapy smoking cessation programs. Below are just a couple of testimonials from the very many clients who have had hypnotherapy for smoking with Darren Marks:

“I stopped smoking after just one session with Darren. I’m delighted to say that after 25 years of smoking I have now been a non-smoker for the past 15 months. I’m not quite sure how he did it but I left that session absolutely cured of my addiction. I’m revolted by the smell of smoke now and I’m 100% convinced that I would never put a cigarette to my lips again. My only regret is that I didn’t find Darren sooner.” Heba Zay

“I saw Darren to help me quit smoking. It’s been over a month since my session but it feels like it’s been years since I was last a smoker. I haven’t smoked and very rarely even think about smoking. On those occasions when I do think about it or have a craving for it I am able to very calmly focus on the fact that I don’t need cigarettes anymore and that they don’t help me in any way. Instead I focus on whatever is causing my craving and reassure myself that I can handle it just fine. My self-esteem has grown and I now value myself too much to start smoking again.

I had tried hypnotherapy to quit smoking previously but it targeted only the habit and not the emotional aspects of the addiction. Darren is acutely aware of the emotional and psychological aspects of smoking and helps you to overcome these.” Hayley


Finding Hypnotherapy Services

For those interested, it’s essential to seek qualified professionals. Searching for “hypnotherapy to stop smoking near me” or “smoking hypnotherapy near me” can provide local options. 


The Process of Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Tailored Hypnotherapy Sessions

Each session is customized to address the individual’s specific triggers and reasons for smoking. 

Post-therapy Support

Post-therapy, stop smoking hypnotherapists often provide support materials and follow-up sessions to reinforce the new non-smoking behavior. Darren Marks provides his clients with lifetime access to his app Harmony Self Hypnosis, the worlds top rated hypnotherapy app.


Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Smoking

  1. Addresses Psychological Aspects: Hypnotherapy digs deep into the psychological triggers, offering a holistic approach to quitting smoking.
  2. Long-term Solution: It offers a long-term solution by changing the smoker’s mindset towards cigarettes.
  3. Safe and Drug-Free: Hypnotherapy is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free method.



Hypnotherapy for smoking presents an innovative and effective solution for those struggling to quit smoking. With its focus on the psychological aspect of addiction, hypnotherapy provides a comprehensive approach that goes beyond mere willpower. For anyone considering this method, remember to research and find a qualified therapist and embrace this journey towards a healthier, smoke-free life with the help of hypnotherapy.