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Channel 4: Hypnotherapist Helps Compulsive Hoarder Let Go

Barry from Bromley in South East London had collected so many toys, mainly connected with science fiction TV programmes, CDs, magazines, and memorabilia that he could barely move around his home. The aim of the programme was to help him clear as much of the hoard as possible and then redesign his home in such an inspirational way that he wouldn’t want to fill it with clutter again.

The narrator explained that not a great deal is known about the psychology of hoarding although hypnotherapy is one treatment that has been shown to help as people in a hypnotic trance are often far more receptive to the idea of change.

“When I treat people with hypnotherapy the symptom, in this case hoarding, is often only the tip of the iceberg. There could be many psychological and emotional reasons as to why a person ends up with a habit or behaviour such as hoarding.” Says Hypnotherapist Darren Marks . “Barry certainly made tremendous progress considering the limited time we had to work together and I wish him continued success.”

After his treatment Barry was filmed returning to the warehouse where his collection had been moved and there was a marked difference in his approach to the project. “We went to see this chap who is a hypnotherapist.” says Barry. “We focussed really in terms of myself to go through stuff a bit more objectively.…I was going to be keeping 100% of the Dr Who videos, going through this lot now I’m only going to be keeping probably 5-10% if that.”

With his new frame of mind Barry found it much easier to let go of a significant proportion of his Collection.


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