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Darren is an excellent choice to go to, and as well as being great to deal with, I’m very thankful for his efforts.


I contacted Darren after searching online for potential hypnotherapy sessions in London, and he seemed to come highly recommended by the independent reviews written (many by users on this site). This prompted me to take the step, and I’m very glad I did.

Having never had sessions like this before, I had some trepidation as to whether I could be hypnotised to begin with (cognitive resistance – wanted or not, being a factor in my initial thinking), but these fears were discussed in person and allayed once agreed to consciously and willingly subscribe to the process. In doing so, from my personal experience, the results have been of considerable benefit.

After progress review, it was agreed that I required three meetings (one of which was a double session, therefore in practice, equivalent to four), and having completed that, I have noticed a substantial improvement in my own personal demeanour and especially in terms of letting go of past issues that very much tended to dominate and cloud my outlook. With Darren’s help, much of this has been nullified – I feel generally calmer, more considered, able to put these things into a more realistic perspective with past issues being more compartmentalised and having a far less domineering presence in my current outlook. It is worth noting that for me, it was the double session that I found to be the ‘breakthrough’ session; it’s not something I can personally guarantee for others, this is just me recounting my personal first-hand experience.

At time of writing, it is still early days, but I’d like to think that the benefits can be maintained in the upcoming weeks/months/years, and as we’re dealing with shifting long-term beliefs/behavioural patterns for the better, the fundamental differences should take hold. It’s also a help, that there’s the presence of Darren’s tablet/phone audio apps that are beneficial in providing ongoing general reinforcement to the obviously more catered to/customised face-to-face sessions.

Overall, the crux is that I’d highly recommend Darren without hesitation. If there are issues or problems that you are having trouble overcoming on your own, and feel that hypnotherapy may be a viable option, Darren is an excellent choice to go to, and as well as being great to deal with, I’m very thankful for his efforts.

Ed Norden