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It really helped me!


I was suffering from public speaking phobia for almost 30 years. I tried several methods of psychological treatments along the years and non of them was very useful. I searched for a different solution and read about Darren and the hypnotherapy treatment in the internet and decided to give it a chance (although I may admit that I came to a stage that I started to believe that there is no solution to my problem and I should just learn to live with it). After few sessions with Darren (including intense usage of the App) I feel that the level of stress I face while talking in front of an audience was reduced dramatically and I actually started to enjoy it (and focus on body language and rhetoric rather than thinking all the time about the fear that may come out of nowhere and will unbalanced me). The strange thing for me, as a very rational person, is that I cannot fully explain myself the way the hypnotherapy works, and the way it influences on my unconceous mind. But still there is one thing I do understand – it really helped me! I would like to take this opportunity and thank again Darren for his professional and friendly approach and the magic he did for me.

Lior L