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Average Rating
I would recommend Darren to anyone who is faced with a situation they feel is insurmountable....
Charlotte Peters
I came out of Hypnosis feeling sleepy but clear-headed – entirely free, both of the anxiety that had pervaded the last three or four days, and of any but the most distant desire to have a cigarette. And the feeling continued through working days, visits to pubs and restaurants. I wasn’t smoking and I didn’t mind a bit.....
Jane Feinmann
I have recognised and targeted fears, limiting beliefs and hurt that have shaped the my thinking has developed since childhood. Through my sessions with Darren and through the regular use of his self hypnosis app, I have been able to identify the emotion that I have held as a belief over events earlier in my life and then effectively change that belief to a positive experience.....
Jason Tiller
I wasn't convinced I could ever feel different, but after having hypnotherapy, I feel so much more confident, secure and happier within myself and am no longer experiencing the negativity....
Lrae 1986
I went to see Darren Marks as I had jealousy issues in my relationship. From the first visit to Darren, he made me feel extremely welcome and proved that he is a very good listener in which I quickly became comfortable talking to him about my issues. ....
I initially saw Darren to kick my 40-50 a day smoking habit…. & I am delighted to say that my two session with him was worth every penny…& has been most successful after having not smoked since. In fact I was so pleased with the outcome that I have since had further sessions with him in regards to my anxiety and depression issues.....
Steve Farenden
I would like to thank Darren marks for his amazing work I had panic attacks and high levels of anxiety I really didn't know where to turn......
Sarah Bayford
I came to Darren struggling with many issues people in the performing arts industry suffer from. One of my main issues being that I didn't feel I deserved my success and felt like an impostor who was surely going to be found out soon and I would wake up one day to the confirmation that dreams aren't actually meant to come true.....
Charlotte O’ Connor
I've worked with Darren on two occasions, once for help overcoming fear of flying and more recently to learn new techniques to manage every day stress. Both pieces of work were entirely successful and I'd recommend Darren to anyone looking either to overcome a phobia or interested in self-development.....
Lawford Clough
There is nothing gimmicky about Darren. The hypnosis was meditative and illuminating as he took me back from the present day - and my issues surrounding the present day - back along my timeline to when I dealt with things at a much more instinctive level.....
Elena Sanchez
I went to see Darren after having 2 miscarriages and I was anxious, scared and very down. Darren is really one in a million. He made me feel at ease and relaxed from the first session like I have known him for years. We worked on much deeper issues and he has given tools to use for life.....
Rima Saad
I went to Darren Marks around 2 years ago to get help for my long term smoking habit. I was apprehensive initially what "hypnotherapy" was before my appointment - however Darren explained the process comprehensively and his sensitivity and general manner made me feel safe and confident during the process.....
Selena G